Canada Business has a collection of approximately 4000 documents housed in a FatWire Content Management System using 12 different document templates. Feedback from the content developers using the CMS and from a content audit previously conducted by Re-Think identified a number of problems with the current templates. Also, order the way the CMS has been configured does not support the re-use of component fields, troche which has resulted in inefficiencies and limitations on the creation and use of content.

Re-Think was asked to develop recommendations for the rationalization and simplification of the document templates and document types in order to make them more relevant and usable for clients and easier to manage for content developers. Re-Think was also asked to make recommendations on the structuring and identification of document fields for re-use as distinct blocks of information to support the re-use of components across documents and to support syndication of content to other organizations.

Based on these recommendations, approved Re-Think outlined the business requirements for the implementation of the changes and also assessed the feasibility and impact of implementing them within the current technical environment and organizational context.

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