Older Projects (2006 and earlier)

This page provides some brief descriptions of some of the projects conducted by Re-Think Strategic Consulting between 2004 and 2006.

  • Wakefield - La Pêche Community Centre Cooperative Comparative Research Project: Re-Think was engaged by the Cooperative as part of its business planning process to research community centres in similar locales (e.g. comparable size, close to urban centre) and to articulate best practices that could help ensure the profitable longevity of the community centre.
  • Canada Business Student Connections E-Business Research: Re-Think was engaged by the Student Connections Program to conduct an assessment of the current e-business environment for Canadian SMEs in support of the program’s funding renewal application.
  • Canada Business Content Developers and Web Administrators Skills and Training Assessment: Canada Business asked Re-Think to outline what skills were required for its Web Administrators and Content Developers to carry out their responsibilities and develop a training plan to fill the skills gaps.
  • Canada Business Business Planning: Re-Think was asked to facilitate business planning sessions with the Service Innovation Directorate and the Policy and Planning Directorate and use the results of the sessions to develop their annual business plans.
  • Canada Business Research Review and Strategy Project: Re-Think reviewed and analyzed hundreds of research documents on service to business, summarized the salient points, articulated the needs of clients and best practices in delivering services to business, identified gaps in the existing research and developed a process for conducting research in the future.
  • Canada Business Talk to Us Value Proposition and Options Assessment: Re-Think was asked to provide an objective third-party assessment of the value proposition of CB’s Talk to Us! (TTU) service and an analysis of possible options for the future.
  • Industry Canada In-House Public Opinion Research Toolkit: Re-Think was asked to develop a step-by-step tool kit for conducting public opinion research in-house, including practical advice, reference to policies and guidelines, and numerous templates and methodologies for use by those conducting research.
  • Public Safety Portal Investment Strategy: Re-Think was engaged to assist the portal’s management with the articulation of its value proposition to its partners to assist them with obtaining the support of key partners for the future maintenance and evolution of the portal.
  • Foreign Affairs and International Trade Live, Learn and Succeed Provincial Partner Engagement: Re-Think was engaged for assistance in developing detailed sustainability models for the initiative and planning and facilitating critical meetings with stakeholders, including a bilingual all-provinces meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia.