Social Media Strategy — Office of the Veterans Ombundsman (2011)

The Office of the Veterans Ombudsman (OVO) engaged Re-Think to develop a social media strategy that would support its overall communications objectives. The project involved:

  • An internal environmental scan designed to understand the organizational context and examine the effectiveness of current social media activities.
  • An external environmental scan looking at key influencers as it relates to Veterans issues,best practices and trends in the use of social media, and an analysis of discussions about the Office of the Veterans Obumdsman and other Veterans issues in Canada on social media.
  • Workshops with staff in Ottawa and Charlottetown (via videoconference) to obtain input into the proposed direction.
  • The development of a strategy and tactics for OVO, including social media objectives, immediate actions to improve their use of social media, and recommended future tactics to increase engagement and further develop their social media presence.
Social MediaAnnie Crombie