Information Architecture

Needle in a haystack? If users of your content and data have trouble finding the nuggets of information they need among a complex web of information, we can help you organize your content in a logical, user-centric fashion and teach you how to manage and maintain it effectively.

  • Web information architecture: From small websites to large complex websites, the way information is organized is critical to the user’s ability to find what they are looking for. Using various lines of evidence, we’ll define how your content should be organized and how users can navigate to it.
  • Controlled vocabularies: Analyzing existing information and developing user-centric controlled vocabularies to facilitate easy retrieval and filtering of information.
  • Data models: Development of strategic and complex data models showing how different parts of the model interact and detailing metadata.
  • Wireframes and prototypes: Development and testing of wireframes and prototypes that allow for testing of the visual representation of complex information architectures.
  • Information governance: Developing information and data governance frameworks, including defining the roles, skills, and processes required to effectively manage information and information architectures.

All of these services are available on a fixed priced or an hourly basis. You can buy just one of the services or buy a package of multiple services. Please contact us for more information on how we can help your organization improve the organization of your content.


Information Architecture Portfolio