Classification System Concordance — Industry Canada (2012/2013)

The Service Delivery and Partnerships Directorate (SDP) of the Small Business Branch at Industry Canada manages several web applications and websites that use existing industry or product classification systems to facilitate the organization and display of relevant content to business audiences. This includes:

  • BizPaL
  • Canada Business website
  • Canadian Company Capabilities
  • Canadian Importers Database
  • Canadian Industry Statistics
  • SME Benchmarking Tool
  • Trade Data Online

SDP engaged Re-Think to review and analyze the classification systems currently being used and develop a concordance schema that would facilitate a web redesign focused on data sharing and value-added innovation across these information products. Following the development of those recommendations,Ms. Crombie led the development of a detailed and complex concordance system between the NAICS and NOC systems, covering 10,448 unique relationships between the 899 6-digit NAICS sectors and 487 4-digit NOC codes.