Comparative Evaluation of Content Management Solutions for the Aboriginal Canada Portal (2009)

Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) manages a departmental Web site and is the lead partner in the Aboriginal Canada Portal (ACP). The department had recently switched to Interwoven TeamSite for the management of the departmental Web site. The ACP was using a custom Lotus Notes based content management solution developed by Alika. It has been suggested within the department that the portal should adopt the departmental Interwoven solution. However,no in depth analysis had been done to determine the impact of such a move. As such, INAC engaged Re-Think to review both content management solutions and determine the pros and cons of both solutions for the portal.

This involved:

  • Background document review: Reviewed background documents on the Aboriginal Canada Portal, including technical, process and costing information.
  • Consultations: Conducted consultations and e-mail interviews with key internal stakeholders involved with the ACP, the Lotus Notes solution and Interwoven.
  • Research: Independent research on the Interwoven and Alika Lotus Notes solutions.
  • Analysis: Analysis of both the hard and soft cost and benefits of both solutions for ACP.
  • Reporting: Development of a report outlining the findings and recommendations.