Intranet Information Architecture — Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (2008)

Annie Crombie was engaged the University of Ottawa to develop a new information architecture for a redesigned student web portal, uoZone. The new architecture included the integration of existing personalized student applications into the portal environment so that students can view key information on their status, courses, faculty and interests without having to leave the portal.

The Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy (OSB) wanted to use its Intranet site more effectively to improve its internal communications. However, the architecture of the Intranet did not effectively facilitate employees’ access to the information and tools that they need to be effective in their jobs. It also did not facilitate internal communications within the organization. In order to improve usefulness of the Intranet site. OSB engaged Re-Think Strategic Consulting to lead the development of a usable and highly effective information architecture. This involved defining how the content on the Intranet should be organized and how users will navigate through the site to access the content.

Re-Think conducted an examination of context (assessment of the organization’s business goals and available resources for the management of the Intranet), clients (needs,behaviour, characteristics), and content (scope, organization, and quality of the content). Findings in these three areas were drawn from background documents, a review of the Intranet site, and interviews with stakeholders in all regions and networks.

Re-Think used the findings related to context, clients and content to develop a strategy for the information architecture, to develop a detailed information architecture specification (including layout, navigation and site structure), and an implementation plan.

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