Partnering Framework and Value Definition — Canada Business (2012)

As part of its service innovation approach,Canada Business has been developing a variety of initiatives and technologies that lend themselves to partnering arrangements to extend the reach and capacity of the network. However, Canada Business did not have a formal partnering framework in place to define who to partner with and how to manage those partnerships.

Re-Think was engaged to develop a formal partnering framework. This included conducting consultations and research on partnering, developing a transformative partnering framework, and outlining a two to three year implementation plan for the framework. The project also included the development of management protocols for the administration of partnerships, including specific protocols for the management of partners involved in content syndication and the Canada Business blog.

Following the development of the framework, Re-Think was also asked to develop an approach to measuring the value of content partnerships. This included specifying methods for measuring the costs, benefits, and overall value of each content partnership.